University of PortsmouthBringing The Native Oyster Back To The Solent

Bringing The Native Oyster Back To The Solent

Overfishing, disease, pollution, poor water quality and dredging have changed the face of our undersea landscape, and brought some species close to extinction. Find out why Dr Joanne Preston is re-introducing the native oyster to British waters - and what will happen if we allow this humble mollusc to take back control of our water quality.

Bringing back the native oyster to save our seas

The air we breathe. The water we drink. The food we eat. All are by-products of a healthy planet with a healthy ecosystem.

Each and every species, no matter how small, plays an important role in our planet's ecosystem. Their rich variety – known as biodiversity – is key. Put simply, the more species there are, the more life on earth can thrive and sustain itself.

But there's been a huge loss in biodiversity over the last 150 years, with marine life hit hard. Although extinctions have always been a fact of life, humans are to blame for this particular loss. Activities such as over-fishing and coastal development have been especially damaging.

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