Thammasat University

Thammasat University – The University for the People

Thammasat University (TU) is the second oldest university in Thailand, inaugurated in 1934 with social science and humanities to serve society’s thirst for modern knowledge, it is known as “the university for the people” and has since expanded its remit to include science, technology and health.

Apart from teaching, Thammasat is an internationally-renowned university, which emphasizes research and innovation. With the vision “Grooming the next-generation of leaders for Thailand and international communities”, Thammasat is bringing together students of all backgrounds to maximize their potential and be capable, innovative, caring and want to serve society.

Thammasat Researchers has won numerous international awards for innovation, aiming to concretely improve standards of living in health, medicine, industry, and communication.  These global acknowledgements are evidence of TU’s academic achievements and creativity.

To groom leaders of tomorrow, Thammasat focuses on developing integrated teaching under life goal–based education, a new path to fulfill individual’s life goals. Thammasat has produced graduates with high skills, knowledge and adaptability, making Thammasat the university with highest employability rate and high employers’ satisfaction in Thailand.

TU places an emphasis on sustainability by teaching the humanities, social sciences and STEM subjects in an environment that aims to create a “smart university”. This goal is being reached by introducing energy saving and renewable measures on campus, and by creating and implementing new technology that is environmentally friendly.

Social responsibility is always cherished in the heart of our students, as they say “I love Thammasat because Thammasat teaches me to love the people”.

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