Sumy State UniversityVR and AR Technologies of Sumy State University

VR and AR Technologies of Sumy State University

In the SumDU over the past few years, modern technologies are developing rapidly. The most significant contribution was made by the laboratory of virtual and augmented reality Ulab.

This is a university laboratory of top specialists, that develop software, based on unity-3D application for education, business and games using VR and AR technologies.

Here, in Ulab we work with the best equipment. The university provided us with 4 HTC Vive, several 3D-scanners, leap-motion systems, etc.

Thanks to our developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality, we have greatly facilitated the work of teachers and students during the pandemic. Medical students, for example, can practice surgical and other operations in virtual reality using our VR lab.

AR technologies help engineers, that study at our university to assemble and disassemble cars using their phone, as well as make their drawings three-dimensional, simply by pointing camera at them.

Students and applicants of our military department can take a virtual tour of it, as well as visit a training ground with military equipment and get acquainted with virtual copies of real weapons.

Also we have our own augmented reality mobile app, that can make your photos became alive, on the screen of your smartphone. Also, our app is used throughout our city. Thanks to it, tourists can get information about sights - just by means of scanning the QR-code next to the point of interest.

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