Southern University of Science and Technology Sustainable growth, well-being and development

Sustainable growth, well-being and development

The foundation of innovation and applied research is nurtured in a balanced and high-quality academic and social environment.  SUSTech students communicate face to face with Nobel laureates, experts and scholars, and attend powerful seminars, lectures and forums, which are organized frequently on campus.  SUSTech strongly advocates the interaction between theory and practice and supports undergraduatesparticipation in research and study.  This interaction is the key to sustainable growth and development for our students.  SUSTech also encourages students to develop independence and a sense of responsibility through various social service activities, and to network with other students by participating in clubs such as the Literature Club, Hip Hop Club, Reading Club, and the Calligraphy Society.  Through these extra-curricular activities, students from different programs and disciplines interact with each other and share living and learning experiences.  Currently, there are 116 on-campus clubs and societies available to join. 


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