Southern University of Science and Technology Research environment and funding

Research environment and funding

At the core of the academic research system at SUSTech are its research centers, laboratories and other research platforms.  At present, SUSTech has established the College for Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has over $84 million worth of research equipment with plans to establish 26 more research centers in such fields as Micro/Nano-Scale science, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, Industrial & Advanced Manufacturing research, Life, Biomedicine and Bio-Engineering sciences, Neutron Science, Photonics and Marine studies, Big Data and Large-Scale Computational research, Public Health, Higher Education, and Financial Innovation research.  In total, 150,000 square meters has been designated for the university’s science park.  Along with our cutting-edge facilities, our specially-designed research programs constitute the foundation for the cultivation of high-quality talents and development of these disciplines.  At present, SUSTech is undertaking 465 research programs, sponsored at the national, provincial and municipal levels, receiving research grants worth $100 million in total. 


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