Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS)

The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) is one of the largest theatre schools in Europe.

It was established in 1878 as a private music and drama school. Five years later it received conservatory status and became the first educational institution in Russia where actors received higher education. Today GITIS is the only institution of higher education in Russia where 1,718 students study all theatre professions, at eight different faculties: acting, directing, musical theatre, variety show theatre, ballet, producing, set design, and theatre history and criticism.

Today GITIS has 124 international students. Having a long and diverse experience in training international students, GITIS has achieved high-quality acting and directing programmes. Its graduates manage theatres abroad and study at various theatre schools in Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Norway and Latin America. Its students play their graduate performances in classrooms and on two training stages. One stage is located at GITIS historical building, the other one in a new educational complex.

As of 2020, 19 GITIS graduates are heads of different theatres in Moscow and its rector, Grigory Zaslavsky, graduated from GITIS in 1993. His background includes a PhD in philology and a position as associate professor at GITIS.