Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic UniversitySmart Solutions for your Future Career

Smart Solutions for your Future Career

We are Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. We are open to the world.

We are international. In Russia, we take the third place in the number of foreign students – there are 8500 international students at SPbPU. And today we will tell you why foreign students from all over the world choose us, and also why we will become your guide to the global world – both in research and in the real world of business and project work.

St. Petersburg - trend generator

We are located in St. Petersburg. This is not just a city - it is a “window to Europe” and a bridge between the largest cities in the world. This helps us to expand and strengthen our partner network – we have over 500 partners in research, education and industry. And it's very much possible your university is our partner and close friend.

We carry out over 85 international educational programs to meet your needs

Polytechnic University has unique models and concepts of engineering education. And as well, powerful facilities in the fields of information technology, nuclear physics, economics, management and even linguistics. It was such a pity to have everything only in Russian. Therefore, we packed our best developments into international educational programs in English. Many of them have the option of Double Degrees, and in two years you will receive two diplomas issued by leading universities. You come to Russia. You live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And you do not need to learn Russian! However you can:

  • use high-tech laboratories established in cooperation with the overseas companies, such as Siemens, FESTO, Schneider Electric, SAP SE, etc.
  • enjoy lectures delivered by leading Russian and international faculty from all over the world
  • have employment opportunities or continue research activities in international companies and R&D groups

Our international programs are not only in English:

For example, Processing Technologies of Materials program. Experts in materials science, casting and welding technologies are in demand in the international labor market. However, only few universities offer educational programs where future specialists simultaneously receive both linguistic and specialized education. We implement the program jointly with the partner university from Germany. The goal of the program is to carry out specialists proficient in two languages: Russian and German. It is planned that graduates will work in the Russian-German technology companies, or conduct research in the framework of international Russian-German projects.

We are leaders in Russia in conducting international seasonal schools

The Polytechnic University has been developing its own programs of the International Polytechnic Summer and Winter Schools for almost 10 years. Every year, more than a thousand foreign students from all over the world become their participants! Every year we prepare something new for you. Last summer we created joint programs with partners from Japan, Germany, France and Spain. In the winter of 2020, we launched joint programs with two other leading Russian universities, and our students got the opportunity to study not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow.

Our students study space technologies and plasma physics, Russian language and culture, nuclear engineering and civil engineering, SAP technologies, molecular gastronomy and 3D design. They visit interesting places like radio astronomy observatory, where one of the world's largest radio telescopes is installed, the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant as well as leading factories, companies and enterprises.

In the year 2020 we launch our first International Polytechnic Graduate Summer School for the young researchers and PhD students. They will come to our university to get new knowledge as well as to develop and work on the scientific project in the collaboration with colleagues from different countries. The first three graduate summer school programs are in the following fields: photonics, mathematical modeling and cyber-physical systems.

We break the records in terms of Erasmus+ program

The Polytechnic University is a recognized champion among Russian universities in terms of the Erasmus+ program, and annually attracts more than half a million euros to support mobility programs. Today, the university participates in more than 35 mobility support projects called Erasmus+ Mobility, as well as in 7 ongoing Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects and has over 120 exchange agreements with leading universities in the world. Each year, 5% of students and 30% of SPbPU faculty participate in international mobility programs.

We have turned student project marathons into an international trend

In 2019, for the first time, we held an international student project marathon in cooperation with a partner from Austria. This has become an innovative practice of international interuniversity cooperation: for almost half a year, six international teams carried out research under the supervision of leading Russian and foreign experts. The practice turned out to be so successful that in 2020 we plan to conduct a project marathon with four our foreign partners.

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