Ton Duc Thang UniversityPostdoctoral Programs

Postdoctoral Programs


  • Candidates must be under 45 years old (unless given Committee exemption) and have a doctoral degree;
  • Successful candidates will have published at least 02 articles in the ISI database. All ISI /Scopus articles described below must adhere to TDTU scientific publication requirements (see website:; applicants must be the main author or the corresponding author.
  • Candidates must be fluent in English;
  • Candidates must be recommended by an expert or a co-professor;
  • Candidates must work continuously at TDTU for at least 12 months.

Scholarship organization

  • Scholarships are paid monthly; the scholarship will be decided by the Committee by the number of international publications from the applicants during the scholarship period.
  • Candidates are provided facilities and services for their research, such as: offices, laboratories, etc., and other support from the department and their professors.

Duties for postdoctoral scholarship applicants

  • The main duty is to research and publish the research paper in ISI /Scopus journals /conferences (or international patents for applied science). Register the ISI /Scopus indicator at the Department for Management of Science and Technology Development, with approval from the Principal;
  • Implement some scientific support, such as connecting businesses to external projects and funds; organizing and supporting conferences; searching for and introducing scholars, professors and experts to work at the faculties of the University;
  • Participate in or set up research groups funded by TDTU (the research group list can be found at:
  • Perform one of the following tasks (registration with demonstration): 
  • Teaching (theory and practice): 3 credits per year for the undergraduate programs or 2 credits per year for the graduate programs;
  • Participate in international or national workshops: 04 workshops / year.

Instructor Professor

To find the appropriate instructor professor, postdoctoral applicants can find more information at:


Document submission

Candidates for the postdoctoral scholarship submit the application form and documents to or directly to the instructor professor’s name and office.


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