CognizantPivot and perform with secure business agility post-Covid-19

Pivot and perform with secure business agility post-Covid-19

How can software engineering become a catalyst for educational change?

The pandemic fast-tracked the need for every organization across virtually every industry to become software-centric. For education providers how well they can deliver quality software and software products that address the real needs of students, teachers, assessors and funders as well as mastering virtual teaching will have a direct effect on revenue, costs and student satisfaction. 

Our paper offers concrete recommendations about how to drive more value from software engineering, transforming your investment into a cost center to a catalyst for competitive advantage.

Our recommendations are organized in four sections:

  • Rethinking the technology foundation
  • Adopting a software product engineering mindset
  • Reshaping the software delivery organization
  • Fostering a culture that rewards experimentation

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