Knowledge Directory

Stellenbosch University is one of South Africa’s leading research-intensive universities, offering a range of expertise with many distinguished researchers able to contribute to a wide variety of subjects.

The Knowledge Directory is a guide to specialised knowledge at Stellenbosch University, with a particular focus on

  1. providing our researchers with the opportunity to showcase their areas of expertise on a central database where it is accessible to potential national and international collaborators and funders;
  2. assisting prospective postgraduate students to identify potential supervisors; and
  3. serving the needs of print or broadcasting professionals seeking stories, comment, interviews, or background.

This tool is useful and increases the accessibility to Stellenbosch University’s research expertise and broaden the understanding of the University’s research activities. You can search for researchers at the University by name, by department, or by keywords (e.g. tuberculosis, sustainability, etc.). You can also browse the Knowledge Directory. 

Please visit the Knowledge Director at