To accelerate sustainable development worldwide in higher education over the next decade, NCKU is striving to demonstrate its contribution and value proposition in the international community, with the establishment of its sustainable development strategic principle and its NCKU 2030 Vision.

Programme of sustainable development

Through its signature programme of sustainable development, NCKU is forging a consensus on campus, through mapping, to optimise the application strategies of its on-campus resources and to elevate its impacts to the level of solving global challenges, with a sustainable development mindset.

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Higher education plays diverse roles in serving the needs of social development, such as offering lifelong learning opportunities to the public, developing innovative technology to drive practical solutions, and empowering and equipping staff and students to compete at a national level.

In response to future industrial development, our government has initiated the 5+2 Industrial Innovation Plan and the New Southbound Policy, in an attempt to establish interdisciplinary talent exchanges and respond to the overall practice of sustainable development goals internationally, as well as supplying innovative technology, research and development capability, and diverse human capital with the joint forces of the international community for the well-being of humanity worldwide in the future.