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Global Collaborations

Located in Hong Kong, Lingnan University is strategically placed to promote fruitful collaborations with institutions in Mainland China, Asia, the US, Europe and beyond.

Lingnan’s researchers collaborate with scholars and universities across the globe

Lingnan is committed to expanding international and comparative research, deepening existing collaborations with institutions like the University of Bath in the UK to develop joint PhD programmes.   Lingnan is also a key player in the University of Bath’s Centre for Research in Education in China and East Asia.  This is an interdisciplinary global network exploring education and education-related fields in the region.  

The University this year opened the Joint Research Centre for Greater Bay Area – Social Policy and Governance in March, an initiative with the South China University of Technology. The Centre aims to analyze the effects of regional development plans in the Greater Bay Area on residents in Hong Kong and mainland China.  

Global Academic Conferences

Lingnan University is positioned to play a significant role in the global dialogue between Europe, the US, and Asia, in an increasingly globalised world.   Through global collaborations with partners and universities, Lingnan co-hosts a number of successful academic conferences which bring together scholars from Asia, Europe and the rest of the world.

The university has successfully co-hosted the International Postgraduate Summer School with Oxford University since 2017. The summer school provides a platform for scholars and research postgraduate students to present major research findings, share research practices, and reflect upon essential methodological issues.  

Lingnan also co-hosted the Conference for Higher Education Research Hong Kong (CHER) in 2018, with the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP) and The International Academic Forum (IAFOR). The event featured more than 18 speakers from universities in the US, UK and Asia, and over 100 papers were presented.  The leading theme of the conference was Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value. The university will co-organise the 2019 edition of CHER in November and the theme is “Uncertain Futures : Repurposing Higher Education”.  

With support from the University Grants Committee, Lingnan University successfully held the Postgraduate Conference on Interdisciplinary Learning in March 2019 to positioning the young academic scholars for excellence.  The Conference brought together over 100 speakers and participants not only from Lingnan University but also other local universities. Overseas speakers and postgraduate students from University of Bristol, University of York, National University of Singapore, Fu Jen Catherine University of Taiwan, Central China Normal University and University of Shanghai for Science & Technology in China also joined the Conference. 

The Symposium on Globalization and Regionalization: Implications for Higher Education, Graduate Employment and Intergenerational Equality will be held in September 2019.  The Symposium is a collaboration of Alliance of Asia Liberal Arts Universities (AALAU), Lingnan University, National Ching Chi University, Taiwan, Tunghai University, Taiwan and HEEACT, Taiwan.  

The Asian Conference on the Liberal Arts 2019 will focus on the role of formal education in preparing students for uncertain futures, and for societies that are changing at great speed. The event is co-organised with IAFOR and the Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities in November.

The Lingnan-Peking-Wisconsin Education Forum takes place in November.  Co-organised with Peking University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the event will examine bay area cities around the world in relation to the Greater Bay Area Development (GBA) in Southern China.

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