Kyungpook National UniversityKyungpook National University promotes ‘Carbon Neutral Campus Creation Project’

Kyungpook National University promotes ‘Carbon Neutral Campus Creation Project’

Kyungpook National University (KNU), in partnership with local governments and private companies, declared the creation of the “2040 Carbon Neutral Campus” for the first time among universities in the country to foster carbon neutrality and regional energy industry.

Kyungpook National University signed a business agreement with Daegu Metropolitan City, Hyundai Electric, and Taeyoung Engineering & Construction to jointly promote the “University Campus Carbon Neutral Space Creation Project” May 10 central conference room on the fifth floor of Kyungpook National University main building.

The agreement was designed to present a new model for realizing carbon neutrality to proactively respond to the government’s transition to a 2050 carbon-neutral society. Kyungpook National University plans to build the current campus as a carbon-neutral campus based on renewable energy by 2040.

‘Carbon Neutral Campus’ of Kyungpook National University is a pilot project to create an ecosystem for next-generation energy industries led by the private sector. Kyungpook National University, the organizer, supports the creation of a carbon-neutral R&D base, fostering human resources, and industrialization, while Daegu City is in charge of administrative support such as government policy cooperation and deregulation.

Hyundai Electric and Taeyoung Engineering & Construction, participating organizations, will invest 150 billion won to support the construction of zero energy buildings and the construction of campus microgrids. The project will be carried out with a total of 200 billion won (approx).

Through this project, Kyungpook National University said it will realize carbon neutrality by 2040 with greenhouse gases of 26,363 tons or more, a forecast for emissions, by building a low-carbon energy environment as expanding the supply of renewable energy, smart buildings, future mobility, and microgrid. In addition, the company plans to train more than 1,000 energy convergence, carbon-neutral experts.

The achievements of Kyungpook National University are expected to expand carbon neutrality to elementary, middle, and high schools in Daegu to realize the smart green city and smart industrial complex that Daegu City is aiming for in the future.

Won Hwa Hong, president of Kyungpook National University, said, “For this place where we live to be a good place for future generations, we need to put great value on ‘saving the earth’. To this end, Kyungpook National University will create the first carbon-neutral campus in Korea to make actual carbon dioxide emissions “zero” through concrete practices. However, there is definitely a limit to what a university can achieve.”

“Fortunately, Hyundai Electric and Taeyoung Engineering & Construction decided to actively invest and Daegu City will also generously support the policy. Kyungpook National University will play a leading role in making the transition to carbon-neutral, ” Won Hwa Hong concluded.

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