Applied Science Private University

Applied Science Private University (ASU) is a leader in the field of higher education and quality. The University's senior management has adopted the "Quality and Excellence Philosophy: Continuous Improvement is Our Way to Excellence".

The University began its educational mission on 19 October 1991, after obtaining the license on 10 July 1989. It is the largest private university in Jordan.

ASU has 9 faculties: Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Art and Design, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies. There are also the Deanship of Student Affairs and Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies.

In the above faculties, there are 36 bachelor programs, 9 master programs, and High Diploma of Education.

ASU hosts 6,000 students from over 50 Arab, Muslim and other world countries.

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