Unibuddy and IDP take a student-first approach to higher education recruitment

Unibuddy and IDP will work together to bring students the resources they need to make informed decisions about their higher education journey

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23 May 2022
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Recruit and engage prospective students by building meaningful connections through chat, live events and top-tier partnerships

Unibuddy has announced a partnership with IDP, a global leader in education services. Through this partnership, Unibuddy will offer its peer-to-peer platform on IDP’s flagship websites, allowing prospective students to chat with student ambassadors from universities in English-speaking countries across the world.

When students access IDP’s websites WhatUni.com and Hotcourses, they have access to vital knowledge about the courses and universities they’re exploring. Unibuddy takes this student-first approach to the next level by providing users with tailored support that complements their search with a first-person perspective of life on campus.

Traditional student recruitment methods grant the student very little in terms of a personalised experience. Unibuddy and IDP’s student-first approach puts students in the front seat on their decision-making journey. It’s about giving them the resources they’re looking for, on their own terms.

The Unibuddy platform on IDP allows international students to reap the benefits of engaging in conversation with their peers. They’re not only choosing a course and university, but also a country in which to study. They may be unfamiliar with life in a new environment, and having the support of a student who’s been in their position is crucial to their success.

The initiative is a win-win for institutions and students alike. Unibuddy’s more-than-500 university partners have the chance to put their best foot forward, showcasing their student ambassadors and their experiences to an engaged audience. Partners will be able to place these ambassadors on their WhatUni.com and Hotcourses pages to maximise their recruitment efforts with access to prospective students from diverse backgrounds.

Unibuddy is also granting every student access to the best advice and guidance on their journey to higher education. Now, anyone considering their future at university has the chance to build meaningful connections with current students and gain valuable insight and guidance before they take the plunge.

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Recruit and engage prospective students by building meaningful connections through chat, live events and top-tier partnerships

This partnership is an opportunity for Unibuddy and IDP to work towards their shared mission. Unibuddy will continue to transform the student journey with the help of a trusted organisation that serves more than 100 million students.

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