What does good assessment look like online?

Insight on designing and delivering authentic and fair assessment which works in the digital learning space

Advice on designing and delivering effective online assessment

It is arguably the biggest challenge of online teaching: How to accurately and fairly assess students working remotely, for whom the temptation and ability to cheat is greater than ever. But this challenge brings an opportunity to reconsider the very nature of assessment, its purpose and its impact. The forced rethink has resulted in innovative ways to test and showcase students' knowledge aligned to learning outcomes and real-world skills. This collection offers insight on effective approaches to digital assessment design and delivery.

Assessing your assessment: creating inclusive and meaningful assignments

Online teaching has forced a major rethink of exams, so how can academics ensure they make the new-style assessments accessible and relevant to all students? Kimberly Wilder-Davis explains

Kimberly Wilder-Davis

University of Glasgow