Social media: how to make it an academic friend not foe

Advice on how universities can make the most of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social channels to support their teaching and research

Social media spotlight for THE Campus

Social media: a useful, informative tool or an addictive, damaging distraction? This is a question that has inspired much hand-wringing in academia, and society at large, in recent years. So how can universities harness the positive opportunities afforded by social media platforms while managing potential pitfalls such as misinformation and online abuse? This collection brings together resources that will guide academics on the best use of digital channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, detail success stories and offer strategies for ensuring the online safety of the academic community.

The 10 commandments of academic Twitter

Lucas Lixinski offers tips on how to engage positively with the social media platform, from ‘honour thy hashtags’ to ‘thou shalt live-tweet at events’

Lucas Lixinski

UNSW Sydney

Protection on social media should be a prerequisite for universities
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