Putting feedback at the heart of assessment

Find out how to transform assessment from a grading instrument to a learning tool

Spotlight on assessment and feedback

Assessment is undergoing a makeover across higher education, away from being a mechanism by which to ‘measure’ student performance, towards becoming a useful tool that aids learning. This brings a greater focus on formative assessments that facilitate feedback and ongoing improvement for students and their lecturers throughout a course. A departure from traditional end of year exams has encouraged diverse and creative ways to assess, more closely tied to real-world skills, which reduce opportunities for cheating. Find out how academics around the world are rethinking assessment to put feedback and learning at its heart, with this collection of resources.

Assessment and feedback as an active dialogue between tutors and students

Seven steps towards enhancing assessment and feedback as a participatory, social process that supports deeper learning, by Neil Lent, Tina Harrison and Sabine Rolle

Neil Lent, Tina Harrison, Sabine Rolle

The University of Edinburgh

Student receiving and sharing feedback
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