How to make your teaching more interesting

Resources on how to rediscover the magic of teaching and learning – for you and your students

Teaching interesting spotlight

From gamification and quizzes to podcasts and social media videos – while not forgetting the traditional lecture – the sheer number of ways to deliver knowledge to students these days can feel overwhelming. But with research showing that people learn best when they are actively involved and student engagement rocketing up university agendas, there is little doubt that new methods of instruction are both crucial and here to stay. This collection offers suggestions on how to spark students' curiosity in your classroom while ensuring that you do not cross the line from teacher to entertainer.

The summer life of a teacher can be a boon for creativity in the classroom

For me, what makes a teacher interesting in the classroom is proportional to what interests them outside it, says Zachary Michael Jack

Zachary Michael Jack

North Central College

Beating boredom

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