Catching students before they fall

Tips and advice on facing up to student attrition in higher education

Catching students before they fall

When students’ crucial first semesters are almost over, there will be some who have found the transition to student life and new surroundings difficult, others whose personal circumstances are providing barriers to remaining in full-time education and many more who find themselves struggling to keep up academically. So, what can universities do to keep their students onboard and engaged at this crucial time of year? This collection of resources offers help and advice on making sure new students feel welcome on campus, spotting when someone is struggling early and which supports to offer, understanding the key drivers behind students dropping out of university and much more.

How to help students with widely varied prior education to thrive in first year

How can university educators ensure their first-year teaching caters to widely varying prior knowledge and skills among students? Bethan Gulliver explains a three-pronged approach

Bethan Gulliver

University of East Anglia

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Fork in the road for student attrition