The art of collegiality and why it matters

Advice on nurturing a spirit of companionship and cooperation between colleagues within your institution and beyond

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Collegiality can take many different forms, but at its heart lies a spirit of collaboration and support that is crucial for any university – indeed, any workplace – to flourish. The romanticised image of the solitary academic toiling away on their next great discovery is increasingly outdated, as it becomes clear that interdisciplinary work is required to solve society’s most pressing problems. Even university teaching has become a collective process drawing on experts from different fields to create engaging courses. This collection offers resources on what institutions can do to nurture collegiality and how to be a more supportive, helpful and friendly colleague.

We need our collegiality reserves replenished post-Covid – here’s how

While collegiality rests mostly with the people, institutions cannot just sit back and wait for it to spring on its own, says Lucas Lixinski

Lucas Lixinski

UNSW Sydney