THE podcast: what’s needed to successfully scale higher education?

How can universities meet the growing global demand for higher education, increasing access to a wider pool of students while maintaining the quality of their teaching and learning?


UNSW Sydney
5 Aug 2021
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Key Details

As demand for higher education continues to soar, has the rise of technology enabled teaching during the pandemic laid the foundations for universities to successfully extend their reach?

This week we speak with Ian Jacobs, the outgoing president and vice-chancellor of the University of New South Wales, Sydney, about what motivates institutions to scale their operations and how it can be done. 

We also talk to Jude Sheeran, principal, international education and research technology at Amazon Web Services about types of technology that can support the expansion of higher education's capacity. Special thanks to Amazon Web Services for sponsoring this episode. 

Find further advice from academics around the world on how teaching can reach more students without losing quality in our spotlight Think Big: Successfully scaling higher education.


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