Making practice publishable: a journal article-cum-podcast

Helen Wolfenden from Macquarie University presents a podcast offering advice on publishing or communicating research in new formats beyond the scope of traditional academic journals

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Macquarie University
16 Jun 2021
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Key Details

Can you use a podcast to tell the story of a journal article? Helen Wolfenden, a lecturer in radio at Macquarie University, thinks you can, and she sets out how to do it in this guest podcast episode, “Making practice publishable”.

“I think it brings the knowledge to life in a completely different kind of way,” she says.

If that’s not enough, the journal article and podcast are based on Helen’s research into the academic publishing world. As a practice-based academic herself, she looked into the different approaches to truth-seeking and knowledge translation in professional practice realms and theory-based academic environments. This episode is full of tips about how to publish academic articles for anyone transitioning into an academic career or researchers at the beginning of their journey into academia.

You can download a limited free e-print of the published article this podcast is based on here: “Making practice publishable: what practice academics need to do to get their work published, and what that tells us about the theory-practice gap


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