Germany Academic Salon 2022: report

The 2022 Germany Academic Salon brought together leaders from higher education, policy and industry to discuss what investment into new technologies, research and development will mean for the technological sovereignty of Germany and Europe

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14 Dec 2022
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Huawei Germany Academic Salon 2022 report
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Find out how Huawei is supporting the future of intelligent, digital education

Download the report above to read more about the salon.

Technological sovereignty, sustainability and industry-academic collaboration were among the topics explored at the Germany Academic Salon 2022, held in partnership with Huawei. 

Bringing together leaders and experts from higher education, policy and industry, the Germany Academic Salon 2022 presented a series of discussions about the future of collaboration to support a thriving ecosystem for science and innovation.

Download the report above to read more about the salon. Full recordings of the sessions are available here.

Learn more about Huawei and higher education.

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