THE Digital Transformation Forum: Reimagining higher education teaching and learning

Four academics offer practical advice on different aspects of online teaching and learning based on lessons from the rapid pivot to remote courses triggered by Covid-19




University College London,,American University in Cairo,University of Groningen
23 Nov 2020
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Created in partnership with

Created in partnership with

University of Edinburgh

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Key Details

Universities around the world rapidly shifted their courses online as a result of Covid-19, forcing faculty to adapt to new modes of teaching. Four educators share their insights and advice on different aspects of online teaching based on what has been learned so far during this overhaul of traditional higher education. This lightning-round event was filmed as part of the virtual Times Higher Education Digital Transformation Forum, which hosted delegates from all over the world to examine higher education’s transition into the digital sphere. If you’re in a hurry, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them.   

00:10 Introduction by Sara Custer, associate editor for curation at THE 

01:50 Alexandra Mihai on faculty development and support during the pandemic and how to apply the structures and resources that have been developed in the longer term 

07:38 Angus Cheung on how to make online learning successful, with a focus on supporting autonomous learning 

11:50 Maha Bali on ensuring wider access in online teaching and the different meanings of accessibility in this context 

16:40 Tom Wigham on how to make your learning management system work for you 

22:42 What were some of the initial priorities when it was decided that all teaching would move online? 

29:48 If students are able to choose their own assessment, how can we accurately compare students who are not being measured using the same metrics? 

34:45 The success rate of students when using an effective learning management system and how to measure and boost this 

37:30 Old methods of evaluating courses and instructors are now obsolete, so what are some effective new ways to do such teaching evaluations? 

43:46 How are universities and faculty looking towards the future? Should we continue teaching online or move to blended learning? 


This video was produced by the Times Higher Education events team as part of THE Digital Transformation Forum

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