Digital first: How to thrive in HE’s online future

Four leading academics from around the world discuss how universities can harness technology to enhance their teaching and learning, at the virtual launch of THE Campus




Murdoch University,National University of Singapore,University of Glasgow,Griffith University
5 Feb 2021
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Key Details

Hear this fascinating discussion about how technology and online teaching may shape the future of higher education, with Kylie Readman, pro vice-chancellor for education at Murdoch University; Moira Fischbacher-Smith, vice-principal for teaching and learning at the University of Glasgow; Erle Lim, vice-provost for teaching innovation and quality at the National University of Singapore (NUS); and Gary Grant, deputy head for learning and teaching at Griffith University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. The panel was hosted as part of the Campus virtual launch event.

If you’re in a hurry, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them. 

00:01 Introduction to Campus and the digital teaching survey from Sara Custer, associate editor, curation at THE. 

02:02 Moira Fischbacher-Smith on how Glasgow rapidly adapted to online teaching practices in 2020. 

05:00 Kylie Readman on Murdoch University’s rapid response to campus closures, including at their Singapore and Dubai campuses. 

06:12 Erle Lim on how NUS, as a technologically advanced institution, responded to the pandemic and where the key challenges lay. 

11:00 Gary Grant on how Griffith University is looking at investments in technology to find solutions to online teaching challenges and enhance the learning experience. 

14:10 Kylie Readman on how universities should handle the perception that online education should be cheaper and how to demonstrate the value of online. 

18:00 Kylie Readman on the need for more professional learning among university staff and collaboration between the digital teams and faculty. 

19:20 Erle Lim on the challenge of online exams and problems of online proctoring. 

22:28 Gary Grant on why making students partners in upholding academic integrity is vital and how the move online has forced important questions about what and how we should be assessing. 

24:15 Moira Fischbacher-Smith on how Glasgow has maintained the quality of teaching throughout the pandemic, thanks to investments in digital infrastructure and online teaching and learning support. 

26:18 Kylie Readman on how university campuses and online learning should evolve in line with how students engage with learning. 

30:47 Erle Lim on how teaching models should evolve rather than revert to traditional, pre-Covid models. 

37:56 Gary Grant on balancing online, blended and in-person learning. 

41:45 Moira Fischbacher-Smith on engaging and supporting students in the short term and working with them to enhance learning and boost inclusivity in the long term.  

44:27 Erle Lim talks about NUS’s Design Your Own Module and Lifelong Education schemes and how the university uses massive online open courses (Moocs) to assist in online teaching. 

49:00 Kylie Readman explains how Murdoch got students involved in assisting with online teaching.  

53:28 Final thoughts from each academic on what post-pandemic teaching models may look like and a key focus of their institution’s future plans. 

This video was produced by the THE events team and features Kylie Readman, pro vice-chancellor for education at Murdoch University; Moira Fischbacher-Smith, vice-principal for teaching and learning at the University of Glasgow; Erle Lim, vice-provost for teaching innovation and quality at the National University of Singapore; and Gary Grant, deputy head for learning and teaching at the Griffith University School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. 

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