The latest engineering textbooks

November 23, 2007

Engineering Statistics Engineering Statistics
Authors: Douglas C. Montgomery, George C. Runger and Norma Faris Hubele
Edition: Fourth
Publisher: Wiley
Price: £34.95
ISBN 9780471735571

The Arizona State professors of engineering focus on the statistical techniques used most often in engineering practice. The latest edition of this bestselling text was developed with a National Science Foundation sponsorship. New features include cross-sections of real engineering situations and real data sets, with online support through WileyPLUS.

A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Authors: Donald F. Young, Bruce R. Munson, Theodore H. Okiishi and Wade W. Huebsch
Edition: Fourth
Publisher: Wiley
Price: £74.95
ISBN 9780470039625

Iowa State and West Virginia academics offer a concise treatment of the basic principles of modern fluid mechanics, from basic analysis techniques to practical applications such as pipe flow, open-channel flow, flow measurement and drag and lift. This new edition integrates detailed diagrams, examples and problems.

Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists: An Introduction with Applications using MATLAB
Authors: Amos Gilat and Vish Subramaniam
Edition: First
Publisher: Wiley
Price: £70.50
ISBN 9780471734406

Ohio State University mechanical engineering professors integrate the study of numerical methods with programming practice using Matlab, aiming to provide a concise core text.

Technical Mathematics
Authors: Paul Calter and Michael Calter
Edition: Fifth
Publisher: Wiley
Price: £68.50
ISBN 9780471695936

In use since 1980, this textbook now sees its first major revision since the second edition. Text has been streamlined and new pedagogic features include guided explorations, calculator screens and optional extra activities. As always, the father and son authorial team focuses on real- world technical applications as well as providing numerous fully worked examples.

Environmental Science in Building
Author: Randall McMullan
Edition: Sixth
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Price: £32.99
ISBN 9780230525368

Physicist and government adviser Randall McMullan has revised his standard text to take account of new regulations, up-to-date practice and global trends. The text, which assumes basic levels of science and mathematics skills, studies the science and technology relating to the environmental performance of the built environment, including thermal effects and energy use, lighting, noise and sound insulation, waste water and green buildings.

Physics for Engineers and Scientists
Authors: Hans C. Ohanian and John T. Markert
Edition: Third
Publisher: Norton
Price: £65.00, £42.99, £40.99
ISBN 9780393926316 and 974225 and 109719

US academics' text for introductory calculus-based physics courses presents a modern view of classical mechanics and electromagnetism, stressing the relationship between microscopic and macroscopic phenomena. Student resources include online tutorials and exercises.

Antennas and Propagation for Wireless Communication Systems
Authors: Simon R. Saunders and Alejandro Aragon-Zavala
Edition: Second
Publisher: Wiley
Price: £45.00
ISBN 9780470848791

The text offers a grounding in antennas and propagation from Simon Saunders (visiting professor at Surrey University) and Alejandro Aragon- Zavala (Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico). It covers terrestrial and satellite radio systems in mobile and fixed contexts, as well as practical prediction techniques for the design and analysis of common wireless communication systems.

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (Computational Edition)
Authors Robert Soutas-Little, Daniel Inman and Daniel Balint
Edition First
Publisher Thomson
Price £42.99
ISBN 9780495244844

This text focuses on the conceptual understanding of mechanics and addresses developments in the methods of analysing mechanics problems. It is suitable for junior undergraduates, providing transition material to higher level courses. The edition is split into four separate software manuals, with emphasis placed on modelling and formulation of the equations of motion.

A First Course in Finite Elements
Authors Jacob Fish and Ted Belytschko
Edition First
Publisher Wiley
Price £34.95
ISBN 9780470035801

This introductory text adopts a generic approach to the subject, and is not application specific. The authors integrate code development, theory and application, as well as providing an accompanying website that includes Matlab data and programs. There are advanced topics at the end of each chapter, making it suitable for graduates as well as junior and senior undergraduates.
Power System: Analysis and Design
Authors J. Duncan Glover and Mulkutla Sarma
Edition Fourth
Publisher Wadsworth
Price £41.99
ISBN 9780495295969

The new edition combines the theory of power systems along with tools to help students adapt this to real-world situations. Both theory and modelling are developed from simple beginnings so that they can be readily extended to new and complex situations. Changes have been made to reflect recent trends in the field as well as new tools to aid with design issues.

Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach
Authors Yunus Cengel and Michael Boles
Edition Sixth
Publisher McGraw Hill
Price £44.99
ISBN 9780071257718

This edition brings further refinement to an approach that emphasises a physical understanding of the fundamental concepts of thermodynamics. The text includes a media package that allows instructors to assign and grade more than 700 new text-specific homework problems.

Fluid Mechanics
Author Frank White
Edition Sixth
Publisher McGraw Hill
Price £45.99
ISBN 9780071286466

This text encourages progression from general problem-solving to those involving design and computer usage. Visual stimuli are presented at the beginning of each chapter to encourage students and word problems are included to build conceptual understanding of the subject. Exam problems are provided in multiple-choice format and a software package for computer-based problems is included.

MIMO Wireless Communications
Authors Ezio Biglieri, Robert Calderbank, Anthony Constantinides, Andrea Goldsmith, Arogyaswami Paulraj and H. Vincent Poor
Edition First
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Price £45.00
ISBN 9780521873284

A detailed introduction to the analysis and design of multiple-input multiple-output systems begins as an overview of MIMO technology and then looks at transmitter and receiver design in depth.

Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2
Authors Bill Mosley, John Bungey and Ray Hulse
Edition Sixth
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Price £34.99
ISBN 9780230500716

The sixth edition provides a straightforward and practical introduction to the principles and methods used in the design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures. The text presents numerous worked examples to illustrate the various aspects of design. Although the detailed methods considered are generally according to Eurocode 2, much of the theory presented is also of a fundamental nature.

Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences
Author Jay Devore
Edition Seventh
Publisher Brooks Cole
Price £43.99
ISBN 9780495382232

Suitable as an introduction for engineers in any speciality, this text uses realistic examples to provide a framework for students to put theories to practical use. It has been updated with new examples and better links between the chapters so that students can see how different topics relate to one another.

Elements of Electromagnetics
Author Matthew N. O. Sadiku
Edition Fourth
Publisher Oxford University Press
Price £35.99
ISBN 9780195300482

Taking a vectors-first approach, Matthew Sadiku explains electrostatics, magnetostatics, fields and waves, as well as applications like transmission lines, waveguides and antennas. Worked-out examples followed by practice exercises show students how to use theory, and how to confirm they understand it. Numerical methods, including MATLAB programming , and vector analysis are included. The book is accompanied by an Instructor's Solutions Manual and PowerPoint slides of figures.

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics
Author Jean-Louis Basdevant
Edition First
Publisher Springer Verlag
Price £54.00
ISBN 9780387377421

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics presents theoretical physics in the style of a brisk lecture.

Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise
Authors Richard Dorf and Thomas Byers
Edition Second
Publisher McGraw Hill
Price £38.99
ISBN 9780071259231

This book examines "technology entrepreneurship” and integrates management theories from some of the world's leading scholars and educators with examples of new technologies and a suite of media resources.

Advanced Transport Phenomena
Author L. Gary Leal
Edition First
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Price £75.00 and $108.00 (e-book)
ISBN 9780521849104 and 11292538 (e-book)

A discussion of modern analytic methods for the solution of fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer problems, focuses on approximations based on scaling and asymptotic methods, beginning with the derivation of basic equations and boundary conditions and concluding with linear stability theory. Also covered are unidirectional flows, lubrication and thin-film theory, creeping flows, boundary layer theory and convective heat and mass transport at high and low Reynolds numbers. The emphasis is on basic physics, scaling and non-dimensionalisation, and approximations that can be used to obtain solutions due either to geometric simplifications, or large or small values of dimensionless parameters.

Applied Mechatronics
Authors A. Smaili and F. Mrad
Edition First
Publisher Oxford University Press
Price £35.99
ISBN 978019-5307023

This text presents the basic tools to interface various circuit blocks and condition different signals and provides a brief review of the fundamentals of circuits, analogue and digital electronics and operational amplifiers. It discusses microcontroller technology, specifically the Freescale HCS12, and covers different kinds of sensors and electric actuators. It includes real-world applications of mechatronic devices and simulations of classical and intelligent control schemes. There are practical examples, experiments and simulations using Simulink, Matlab, and LabView.

Molecular Models for Fluids
Author Klaus Lucas
Edition First
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Price £55.00
ISBN 9780521852401

This book presents the development of modern molecular models for fluids from the interdisciplinary fundamentals of classical and statistical mechanics, of electrodynamics and of quantum mechanics. The concepts and working equations of the various fields are briefly derived and illustrated in the context of understanding the properties of molecular systems. There is special emphasis on the quantum mechanical basis, since this is used throughout in the calculation of the molecular energy of a system. The book is application oriented and stresses the elements essential for practical model development. The fundamentals are then used to derive models for various types of applications. Finally, equation of state models are presented based on quantum chemically based models for the intermolecular potential energy and perturbation theory.

Statistical Mechanics: From First Principles to Macroscopic Phenomena
Author J. Woods Halley
Edition First
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Price £35.00 and $52.00 (e-book)
ISBN 9780521825757 and 1254697 (e-book)

This text takes a “reductionist” view of statistical mechanics and is based on the author's graduate course taught over many years in several physics departments. It implicitly assumes that the physics of complex systems as observed is connected to fundamental physical laws represented at the molecular level by Newtonian mechanics or quantum mechanics. There are three parts: the first describes the fundamental principles of equilibrium statistical mechanics; the second describes applications to phases of increasing density and order -- gases, liquids and solids; the final part deals with dynamics, including an account of hydrodynamic theories and linear response theory.

Engineering Design: A Systematic Approach
Authors G. Pahl, W. Beitz, J. Feldhusen and K-H Grote
Edition Third
Publisher Springer Verlag
Price £39.50
ISBN 9781846283185

This text teaches the methods and ideas of engineering design as a condition of successful product development. It breaks the design process into phases and then into steps, each with its own working methods. Topics covered include psychology of design; product planning and development; the design process including design for recycling; conceptual design; embodiment design; size ranges and modular products; design for quality and minimum cost. The third edition is enhanced with more input from practising engineers, providing more examples of product development; it also tightens the scientific bases of its design ideas with new solution fields in composite components, building methods, mechatronics and adaptronics and pays attention to the economic aspects of design and development including quality assurance.

Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science: Metals and Alloys
Author Gary S. Was
Edition First
Publisher Springer Verlag
Price £77.00
ISBN 9783540494713

The basics of the effects of radiation on metals and alloys are covered in this volume. Concepts are developed systematically and quantitatively, supported by examples, references for further reading and problems at the end of each chapter.

Optics and Photonics: An Introduction
Authors F. Graham Smith, Terry A. King and Dan Wilkins
Edition Second
Publisher Wiley
Price £37.50
ISBN 9780470017845

The fundamental principles of optics and the key aspects of photonics are covered in this book, showing how the subject has developed in the past few decades, leading to many modern applications. In this latest edition chapters have been rearranged to give a logical progression, comprising groups of chapters on geometric optics, wave optics and photonics, plus the chapters on holography, lasers and the iInteraction of light with matter have been revised.

Semiconductor Optics
Author Claus F. Klingshirn
Edition Third
Publisher Springer Verlag
Price £61.50
ISBN 9783540383451

This updated edition gives an introduction to semiconductor optics from the IR through the visible to the UV. It includes coverage of linear and nonlinear optical properties, dynamics, magneto and electrooptics, high-excitation effects, some applications, experimental techniques and group theory. Subjects covered extend from physics to materials science and optoelectronics. New or updated chapters add coverage of current topics, while the chapters on bulk materials have been revised and updated.

Theory of Applied Robotics: Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control
Author Reza N. Jazar
Edition First
Publisher Springer Verlag UK
Price £54.00
ISBN 9780387324753

Robotics topics are presented at a theoretical-practical level, most notably orientation, velocity and forward kinematics. In addition, there are related theorems and formal proofs as well as real-life applications.

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