Computer sciences round-up

May 27, 2010

Introduction to Machine Learning

Author: Ethem Alpaydin

Edition: Second

Publisher: MIT Press

Pages: 584

Price: £40.95

ISBN 9780262012430

Alpaydin seeks to provide a comprehensive textbook on machine learning, covering topics often omitted from introductory texts. In presenting a unified treatment of problems and solutions, he discusses methods from fields including statistics, pattern recognition, neural networks, artificial intelligence and signal processing.

Designing Interactive Systems: A Comprehensive Guide to HCI and Interaction Design

Author: David Benyon

Edition: Second

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

Pages: 712

Price: £39.99

ISBN 9780321435330

This best-selling textbook in human-computer interaction, usability, consumer experience and interaction design has been updated for the next era of interactive devices and applications. It features case studies and illustrations taken from the author's experience of designing innovative products and systems.

The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences

Author: Herbert Gintis

Edition: First

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Pages: 304

Price: £24.95

ISBN 9780691140520

Although game theory is central to understanding human behaviour and relevant to all of the behavioural sciences, in isolation it cannot fully explain human behaviour and should complement other key concepts championed by the behavioural disciplines. This text aims to combine the strengths of the classical, evolutionary and behavioural fields via innovative thinking.

Understanding Cryptography: A Textbook for Students and Practitioners

Authors: Christof Paar and Jan Pelzl

Edition: First

Publisher: Springer

Pages: 372

Price: £31.99

ISBN 9783642041006

Cryptography is now ubiquitous. Moving beyond the traditional environments, such as government communications and banking systems, we see cryptographic techniques realised in web browsers, email programs, mobile phones, smart buildings, cars and even medical implants. After an introduction to cryptography and data security, the authors explain the main techniques in modern cryptography. Extensive use is made of examples, problems and chapter reviews, while the book's website offers slides, projects and links to further resources.

An Integrated Introduction to Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling

Author: Ronald Goldman

Edition: First

Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 574

Price: £48.99

ISBN 9781439803349

In addition to providing the necessary mathematical foundations, this book focuses on graphics, modelling and mathematical methods, including ray tracing, polygon shading, radiosity, fractals, freeform curves and surfaces, vector methods and transformation techniques. Avoiding descriptions of current graphics hardware and special programming languages, the book presents graphics algorithms based on established physical models of light and cogent mathematical methods.

Modal Logic for Open Minds

Author: Johan van Benthem

Edition: First

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Pages: 350

Price: £45.00 and £19.50

ISBN 9781575865997 and 5980

Van Benthem provides an introduction to the field of modal logic, outlining its major ideas and exploring the ways it has been adopted by various academic fields. The book begins with the basic theories of modal logic, examining its relationship to language, semantics, bisimulation and axiomatics, and goes on to cover advanced topics including expressive power, computational complexity and intelligent agency.

Microprocessor Architecture: From Simple Pipelines to Chip Multiprocessors

Author: Jean-Loup Baer

Edition: First

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Pages: 382

Price: £45.00

ISBN 9780521769921

Baer describes how components of a microprocessor work at a black box and algorithmic level, often using pseudo-code, and aims to consistently present topics ranging from conceptual ideas to alternative ways of implementation, while providing performance metrics whenever possible.

Understanding Operating Systems, International Edition

Authors: Ann McHoes and Ida M. Flynn

Edition: Fifth

Publisher: Cengage

Pages: 600

Price: £49.99

ISBN 9781439080115

This text aims to provide the optimum blend of operating theory and practice. Coverage includes the fundamentals of operating systems: what they are, what they do, how they function and how they compare with one another. Updates to this edition include discussions of new technologies that affect operating system design.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide

Authors: Stephen Cawood and Pat McGee

Edition: Second

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Pages: 560

Price: £24.99

ISBN 9780071614061

Step-by-step instruction aims to help students complete 2D and 3D games. The text's second edition includes revisions covering the latest features and lays out the essentials of game programming, alongside examples and C# code samples, with direction on 3D models, virtual worlds and accompanying animation.

Murach's JavaScript and DOM Scripting

Author: Ray Harris

Edition: First

Publisher: Mike Murach & Associates

Pages: 764

Price: £45.50

ISBN 9781890774554

Harris' text is intended to assist developers to learn to use JavaScript and DOM scripting to create websites delivering fast response times, dynamic user interfaces, advanced features and special effects. He shows how to develop, test and debug JavaScript applications and master the features that developers need to use.

Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies

Author: Pascal Hitzler, Sebastian Rudolf and Markus Kroetsch

Edition: First

Publisher: CRC Press/Taylor and Francis

Pages: 456

Price: £49.99

ISBN 9781420090505

The authors, all researchers in this fast-moving field, concentrate on the formal specifications of the subject and offer pointers useful for employing Semantic Web technologies in practice. Basic introductions and intuitions, technical details and formal foundations are covered in an examination of developments in Semantic Web standards, including RDF, RDF Schema, OWL 2, RIF and SPARQL. The text also explores formal semantics, OWL querying, the relationship between rules and OWL, and ontology engineering and applications.

Java in Two Semesters

Authors: Quentin Charatan and Aaron Kans

Edition: Third

Publisher: McGraw-Hill

Pages: 600

Price: £42.99

ISBN 9780077122676

The authors seek to offer a comprehensive treatment of object-oriented programming, covering introductory material and the more advanced topics likely to be encountered in a second-level course. This text has been revised to reflect the latest release of Java language, and covers developments in Java programming.

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