Academic Press Releases

THE has today launched THE Campus – a new peer-to-peer content-sharing platform for university educators - as a global survey of university educators highlights a whole spectrum of challenges when it comes to teaching online, from technology and access, to physical and mental concerns affecting both educators and students.
4 February
THE has announced the results of its World Subject Rankings 2021, covering 11 subject areas (Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Clinical and Health, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Law, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Psychology, and Social Sciences) and providing an overview of the best places in the world to study a chosen discipline.
28 October
THE announces the latest results for its Asia University Rankings, which reveal Asian institutions are continuing to establish themselves as key players in global higher education.
3 June
THE releases the second edition of its new Impact Rankings 2020, using the United Nations’ (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help shine a light on these often unsung actions.
22 April