An artist often portrayed as an orthodox portraitist is depicted as having an ‘unquenchable thirst’ for innovation and experiment, finds Shahidha Bari

19 March

Celebrity creations and vintage gowns delight in an exhibition that marries social history and fashion, says Shahidha Bari

8 May

At Tate Britain, Leo Mellor finds potency, fatalism and beauty in depictions of transience, both gradual and cataclysmic

13 March

Alex Danchev delights in Tate Modern’s finely chosen feast of delicacies from the table of Paul Klee

17 October

Exhibitions on Ibrahim El-Salahi and Meschac Gaba evidence Tate Modern’s determinedly global sensibility, Shahidha Bari finds

18 July

Alexander Massouras on an exhibition of key works pointing to the sculptors’ shared fascination with organic forms

28 March