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When you’re making a decision, it’s not only a matter of information or the variety of study choices, but also receiving help when you get stuck and don’t know which option to choose.

For instance, when deciding which discipline, you want to study you could be asking yourself questions like: Are you happy with the related courses you have studied so far? Are you informed on what kind of projects will you need to complete? It is never too late to change your career path or add more to your current skillset. The Studyportals free personality test can help you take a decision.

Next, knowing where you will study is very important. Will you need a visa? Is it an expensive country? Would you travel? That’s why the Studyportals free country test can give you more ideas about potential study locations.

Additionally, before taking the final decision, you should weigh all the pros and cons carefully. Comparing 2 or more degrees, reading student reviews, checking how much your academic experience and budget fit a particular programme, or even getting personalised recommendations are some of the options that can help you pick the right university.
Finally, getting informed about the process of going abroad can be a decisive factor on taking this big step. Studyportals makes available relevant information such as:

What is the best-fit university for you? Start your search, go to Studyportals and explore thousands of study programmes, compare and match to the university that best fits your interests.

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