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This full-time master program is mainly taught at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Soochow University. The college is located at Soochow Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, China, where many international renowned pharmaceutical companies thrive. The students will not only learn knowledge and techniques related to pharmaceutical sciences at school, but also have an opportunity to get access to all aspects of the drug discovery process in industry. The college was named as one of the most influential scientific research institutions in pharmaceuticals (ranked 7th) by Thomson Reuters in 2015. 




Study Mode


36 months


Start Date(s)


September 1 2021


Course details

Course modules include public module (6 credits), core module (15 credits), compulsory module (3 credits), and selective module. 

Public module: “Chinese Language” will improve your ability to use Chinese in your daily life in China. “Chinese Culture” will provide you a great opportunity to understand and explore the Chinese Culture. 

Core module: “Fundamental Modern Pharmaceutics” is concentrated in the biology aspects of pharmaceutical sciences and introduces key techniques and principles that are currently utilized in research in academy or in industry in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences. “Molecular Biology” is designed to help students to understand the advanced principles in molecular biology, cell biology, and cell signaling. “Advanced Pharmacology” is a course that introduces the advance knowledge in drug discovery, mechanism of action of drugs, adverse drug reactions, and the use of drug in clinic in the treatment of major human diseases. “Modern Pharmaceutics” and “Frontier Research in Medicine and Life Sciences” are two courses focusing on the cutting-edge research in pharmaceutical sciences and in medicine and life sciences. 

Compulsory module: This module including academic training (seminar attendance), research proposal, and mid-term evaluation. A master thesis is required and should pass the evaluation by the anonymous external reviewers. 

Selective module: up to 12 courses are provided. Students can choose a variety of courses related to Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Clinical Pharmacy, Neuroscience, Immunology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, etc. 

Entry requirements

Applicants to this MSc program should have an undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Biological Sciences or related fields. Application will be evaluated by the admission committee and qualified applicants will be invited for an interview. Check the website for more information on international entry requirements (website link: 

Click here to start your application: or  

Career outcomes

This MSc program will equip students with good knowledge and advanced techniques in modern pharmaceutical sciences. The intensive program will enable students to possess the necessary qualities to be well-trained scientific professionals. Biobay in Suzhou Industrial Park is one of the most dynamic zones in biotechnology and pharmarceuticals which provide our students with tremendous opportunity for job and innovation. Previous graduates have nearly 100 % employment rate. Most of them are employed by industry or gone on to further pursue PhD degree.  


Located in a glamorous and ancient city, Soochow University enjoys both excellent geographic position and promising prospects. The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences has attractive academic atmosphere because she possesses professional and responsible faculty and staffs. Here, students are aspirant and open minded and form a community of cooperation and professionalization. I spent happy and enriched life here. Soochow University is always welcome to every international student. You can definitely find what you like here.

Tao, Ireland

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