#THEUniAdvice: advice for starting university

We asked on Twitter for tips for first year university students and received many creative and interesting responses. Here are some of the best

September 18 2018
University advice

As you put the final touches to your university packing, the fear can begin to settle in. Will I be the dumbest person in my seminars? Will I make any friends? Will I be able to keep up with the workload?

But fear not. These are things that almost every new university student will experience at some point. And it is important to know that you aren't the only person feeling scared and apprehensive about going to university. 

So we sent out a call on Twitter asking those who had been through university to share some pearls of wisdom, that can hopefully make the first few weeks of university less scary. For even more advice on going to university search #THEUniAdvice on Twitter. 

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