Three questions to ask before using a new digital resource

What should educators consider before adopting a new digital resource to support their online teaching? Michael Windelspecht outlines three key questions to ask

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6 Nov 2020
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Key Details

Selecting the right digital resources is vital to effective online teaching and learning, but knowing what to go for its not always easy. Here, Michael Windelspecht talks through three key questions to ask before making a choice, filmed as part of REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit. The virtual event showcased the best practices, techniques and tools for online teaching in higher education. If you’re in a rush, browse the timeline below for the key topics covered and where in the video to find them.  

01:33 Advice on choosing and shaping effective digital resources 

06:06 Question one: what specific need are you trying to address? 

09:32 Question two: what is the value? 

13:23 Question three: how will I assess the use of this resource? 

20:53 What are some of the funniest and strangest experiences you have had with digital or e-learning tools, and what advice would you offer faculty based on these experiences? 

23:15 How can I address the faculty need to see all students virtually, ignoring the aspects of technology that are irrelevant for course delivery? 

24:58 How can I manage the fact that resources often benefit some students much more than others because of different ways of learning? 

26:32 Should I ask these three questions before or after considering cost, accessibility and interactivity with other resources? 

28:18 Can a brain dump be an extra credit assignment for students who want bonus points before the final exam? 

29:15 How can I successfully replicate the brain dump assignment for an online course? 


This video was produced by REMOTE: The Connected Faculty Summit, hosted by Arizona State University.  


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