Time management skills for agile academics

As the demands on university staff grow ever greater, check out these tips and advice on making the most of your precious time

How to juggle academic workloads

The workload of an academic has never been light. However with the increased demands of learning new technology, administration tasks and pastoral care for students, there is a tremendous strain on the amount of time available to get it all done. While it’s not all on faculty to fix the problem, there might be ways to make better use of your time. This collection of resources brings together tips for tackling big workloads, from advice for leaders on designing meaningful staff surveys and rethinking job descriptions (and rewarding staff accordingly) to ingenious tactics for saving hours on marking assignments and establishing long-term, achievable writing plans.

Bad news, kids (and academics): the magical motivation fairy doesn’t exist

Motivation for tricky tasks doesn’t just appear magically, but with these psychological tricks you can get yourself and your career moving, says Hugh Kearns

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