Pathways to better university admissions

Advice on creating fairer and more accessible admissions systems that support wider participation in higher education

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The aim of a university admissions team is relatively simple: to funnel the right students onto the right courses. But the reality of attracting and matching talented students to programmes on which they have the potential to flourish, regardless of background and prior education, is a complex and challenging task. Admissions systems need to improve accessibility and work towards wider participation in higher education while also being selective about which candidates secure places on certain courses. From proactive outreach work and developing alternative pathways into university to helping prospective students source funding, this collection of resources looks at how to develop more equitable and supportive admissions processes to ensure university places are decided on merit rather than socio-economic status.

To improve the admission process, get faculty involved

Faculty collaboration with the undergraduate admission team can improve class participation, retention rates, course matches and funding yield – and help reduce misinformation about the process and decisions

Rick Clark

Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities

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