Making your campus neurodivergent friendly

How to create a university where neurodivergent staff and students feel welcome and thrive in the classroom, in the lab and throughout campus

Neurodivergent students and staff think about, interact with and see the world differently from their neurotypical peers and colleagues. Universities that adopt inclusive practices to welcome people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and other disabilities to campus also foster their distinct strengths and talents in the classroom, labs, boardrooms and social spaces. This collection of resources offers advice for teachers, researchers, PhD supervisors and administrators for supporting neurodiversity in higher education.

On the neurodivergent campus, language matters

The neurodiversity movement has made great strides, but out-of-date, ableist language is still prevalent, even in academia. Carrie Ballantyne advises us to think about the words we use

Carrie Ballantyne

University of the West of Scotland

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