The great assessment rethink

How to measure learning and protect academic integrity in the age of ChatGPT

Assessment 4.0 spotlight

The arrival of ChatGPT and other generative AI systems has challenged our understanding of learning and the ways in which we measure it. If the first iteration of these new systems can already generate human-like language, then assessments must be redesigned to ensure academic integrity. At the same time, assessments must be flexible enough for students to harness this technology to reach even higher levels of cognitive abilities, a skill that will serve them well in their future careers. It’s no short order for universities and colleges. This collection of resources offers tips on how to navigate this new frontier and rethink assessments in an AI world.

Is critical thinking the answer to generative AI?

Designing assessment that tests critical thinking has value and practicality, so the challenge is figuring out questions that flummox the AI without creating wildly difficult problems for students, write Luke Zaphir and Jason M. Lodge

Luke Zaphir , Jason M. Lodge

The University of Queensland

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