How can business schools build student engagement and inclusivity?

Business school leaders were asked questions about student engagement and inclusivity in a recent survey. Read about the trends shaping business education in the new report, created in collaboration with the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association

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30 Nov 2023
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Exciting innovations in learning and teaching introduced since the pandemic are transforming business education. However, challenges persist for business schools in their efforts to thrive, build communities and deliver optimal learning experiences for MBA students.

Hear directly from business school leaders as they share their insights on community building, fostering an inclusive environment, new innovations in teaching and their predictions for where business education is heading next. Delve into the report to learn strategies for new ways of teaching, future changes in education and more.

Report highlights:

  • How lecturers can promote student engagement and drive outcomes
  • Strategies for new ways of teaching
  • Future trends in MBA education: new teaching and assessment tools including AI, new platforms and more

Find out more about this report by Cengage.  

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