Data-driven solutions to challenges in higher education

Data-driven technology allows companies to create integrated analytics systems that provide the higher education sector with transparent solutions and better-informed decision-making practices

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9 Feb 2023
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THE Campus Live Japan Anthology session
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Anthology provides data-informed education technology experiences to enable and empower the global education community

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept across Japan, educators faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional teaching methods to digital instruction using learning management systems.

During a session held at THE Campus Live Japan 2022, Noriyuki Iwasawa, general manager of the learning solutions group at Assist Micro, introduced Anthology services and the benefits offered by Blackboard Learn by Anthology. Iwasawa highlighted the unique benefits that Blackboard Learn offers to universities and colleges.

“Both inside and outside the classroom system, improvements can drastically enhance operations,” Iwasawa said. He asserted that data-driven personalised data reports strengthen higher education institutions’ ability to act quickly and make decisions.

Anthology controls three data layers: real-time guidance for students, advisers, staff and teachers; adhoc query access and detailed reports for management or analysts; and raw data and application programming interface information for data scientists and developers.

Anthology focuses on analytical and empirical data, using data intelligence and experiential data in conjunction to create more efficient workflows. Iwasawa gave the examples of Google Maps, email applications, public transport schedules and predictive typing, explaining that “this is a result of data-driven software and analytics”.

Similar to these everyday uses, experiential databases can improve the quality of higher education for both teachers and learners. Shifting his focus, Iwasawa explained the use case of Anthology Intelligent Experience (Anthology iX), which “increases course engagement while leading students down a path towards success”. He discussed the vision for Anthology iX, which covers learning success, grade management, accreditation and self-learning support through Blackboard Learn.

Under the pressures of the sudden shift to online classes and integrated learning management systems, Anthology is improving and releasing new features for Blackboard Learn at a fast pace, Iwasawa said. Features for evaluations, grading, feedback and comment systems, test flow settings and class collaborations across different platforms have upgraded the level of control that educators have over their teaching.

Reiterating the value of data-driven analytics, Iwasawa introduced the Blackboard Learn data function and dashboard. He explained that both data scientists and developers can access data stored in a cloud data warehouse known as Snowflake.

The dashboard can be used to manage student performance reporting, review teaching methods and course design, access success reporting and view a student’s graduation path. These reports can be used by managers, teachers and students alike to break down grades, progress, rankings and course feedback, ensuring that all parties are well informed and supported.

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