Looking after well-being in higher education

Protecting the well-being of students and academics has become one of the most pressing challenges faced by higher education institutions. The ripple effect of the pandemic and ongoing uncertainty have left many suffering heightened anxiety and stress – or simply feeling exhausted as another year rolls in. This collection explores practices to educate students and staff in better self-care, build their resilience and reboot their enthusiasm for their work.

Image of women in a yoga class

From tree rings to tree pose: exploring varied approaches to well-being in universities

Universities should employ a varied range of psychosocial support and well-being therapies to support students with diverse needs and improve mental health literacy, Kathleen Chim and Benjamin Chan write

Kathleen Chim, Benjamin Tak Yuen Chan

Hong Kong Metropolitan University

Spotlight offering advice on supporting student well-being when teaching online

Supporting student well-being from afar

Advice on supporting student well-being through your online teaching practices