Study in Latvia

Latvia is a land of lakes, forest and coast; an unspoilt wilderness in northern Europe nestled among its neighbouring Baltic states.

Latvian people feel a strong sense of cultural identity and Latvian festivals and folk tales have been passed down for many hundreds of years. The nation’s capital, Riga, home to one third of the country’s population, is a modern, culturally diverse European city. Riga is rightly famous for its amazing wooden buildings, concert halls and the winding streets of its Unesco heritage medieval Old Town.

Built on a natural harbour at the mouth of the river Daugava, Riga is an ancient trading hub (Vikings once passed through here to trade with Byzantium) and the city has long been a bridge between east and west. That cultural diversity has continued and is still celebrated there today.

Despite its relatively small population Riga is home to no less than six universities including The University of Latvia and the Riga Technical University. Latvia welcomes foreign students, and 10 per cent of graduates in Latvia are Erasmus students form other European countries.


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