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An accountant is responsible for the management and analysis of transactions and capital holdings – the world of business essentially rests on their shoulders.

To study accountancy you need to demonstrate attention to detail, an excellent grasp on numbers and strong organisational skills. It should be noted that dedication to pursue the profession is required, as is the acceptance that continually learning and relearning to facilitate the changes in markets and laws is part of the job.

A degree in accounting often comes as part of a joint honours degree, for example accounting and finance, or accounting and law. Accountancy is an interdisciplinary profession, which requires students to have a good grasp of the core elements of business practice, as well as the need to communicate effectively with clients and master the technical skills like data inputting.

The first year of a degree works as a foundation year, teaching students the overall functions of an accountant, the study of company structure or business computing. In the second or third year, courses may offer paid work placements.

Accountants are always in high demand, enjoying a high degree of job stability and a top tier salary. Once they have entered the profession, accountants can expect good upward mobility and might even be able to establish profitable private practices. While many jobs are at the mercy of the markets, accountancy will be in demand, regardless of a suffering economy.

Many accountants will get jobs within government, cataloguing tax income to a department or managing the spend on contracts. They may work for personal clients, working to minimise their tax bill and offer financial advice. An accountancy degree and additional knowledge in law can also be a path of entry into the legal professions.

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Why study accounting? A guide to what you will learn on an accounting degree, how to get a place on the best university accounting courses, and what jobs you might get once you graduate

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