A top research university in Central Asia

Located in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University is a research university with growing international renown combining education, research and innovation on a state of the art 21st-century campus. NU scholars conduct research in a variety of fields and bring the most ambitious projects to life. Research is supported by internal and external funds each year and carried out in modern laboratories.  

Our unique programmes

Master’s and PhD programmes in Eurasian studies

Nazarbayev University is located in the heart of Eurasia, which enables the opportunity to be a leading institution for Eurasian studies. Our master’s and PhD programmes in Eurasian studies focus on Kazakhstan, Russia, Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Xinjiang and neighboring regions of South Asia, China and the Middle East, with unparalleled access to archives, fieldwork sites, government agencies, international organisations and international diplomats in Kazakhstan. The delivery of these programmes is advised and supported in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It creates an exciting opportunity to explore the cultures, languages, histories, communities, societies, and politics in the heart of Eurasia.

The Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES) is one of the most popular courses at Nazarbayev University. It offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Kazakh or Russian languages and to experience Kazakh and post-Soviet culture in the heart of Eurasia. The eight-week programme is equivalent to one academic year of study.

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Vibrant campus life 

Nazarbayev University enables students to discover their talents beyond the classroom. There are more than 190 clubs and societies on campus. Academic life is further enhanced by various campus facilities, such as our 6,000 square metre sports complex, Olympic-sized swimming pool and music and art rooms.

Opportunities for international students

Nazarbayev University offers merit-based scholarships for top international candidates recommended by the Admissions Committee. International students are also provided with accommodation on campus.

Key Statistics

2010 When Nazarbayev University was established
6,365 Students studying on 52 NU academic programmes (graduate and undergraduate), international students from 38 countries
361 students visited NU for cultural summer schools since 2015
4,769 NU graduates during the period 2015-2020

Nazarbayev University schools and courses

School of Engineering and Digital Sciences

BEng in Chemical and Materials Engineering  | BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering | BEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering | BEng in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  | MSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering  | MSc in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering | MSc in Biomedical Engineering | Master of Engineering Management | PhD in Science, Engineering and Technology | MSC in Civil and Environmental Engineering |  MSC in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) | BSc in Chemical and Materials Engineering | BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering | BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering | BSc in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering | MSc in Data Science | MSc in Robotics | BSc in Computer Science | BSc in Robotics and Mechatronics | MSc in Computer Science BSc in Biology | BSc in Chemistry | BSc in Computer Science | BSc in Mathematics | BSc in Physics  | MSc in Physics |  MSc in Biological Sciences and Technologies | MSc in Applied Mathematics | MSc in Chemistry | PhD in Chemical Engineering | PhD in Mechanical Engineering | PhD in Civil Engineering | PhD in Electrical Engineering | PhD in Computer Sciences | PhD in Robotics Engineering

School of Sciences and Humanities 

BA in Political Science and International Relations | BA in Economics | BA in History | BA in Languages, Linguistics, and Literature |  BA in Sociology | BA in Anthropology | MA in Political Science and International Relations | MA in Economics | Summer School in Russian and Eurasian Studies | PhD in Eurasian Studies Program | MA in Eurasian Studies | BA in Political Science and International Relations | BA in World Languages, Literature and Culture  | MSc in Biological Sciences and Technologies | MSc in Chemistry | MSc in Applied Mathematics | MSc in Physics | B.Sc. in Mining Engineering | BSc in Biological Science | MA in Applied Mathematics | Ph. D. in Mathematics | Ph. D. in Life Sciences

School of Mining and Geosciences

BSc in Geology | BSc in Petroleum Engineering | BSc in Mining Engineering | MSc in Petroleum Engineering | MSc in Mining Engineering | PhD in Mining Engineering | PhD in Petroleum Engineering

School of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine | Master of Public Health (MPH) program | Master of Molecular Medicine (MMM) program BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN NURSING PROGRAM (BSN) | Bachelor in Applied Nursing Program | Residency programs | Bachelor of Medical Sciences | Master of Pharmacology and Toxicology | Master in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation | Residency | PhD in Biomedical Sciences

Graduate School of Public Policy

Master in Public Policy | Master in Public Administration | PhD in Public Policy

Graduate School of Business

Full-Time MBA | Executive MBA | MSc in Finance

Graduate School of Education

MSc in Educational Leadership | MA in Multilingual Education | PhD in Education

Programme overview

Co-founder of the Asian Universities Alliance, Nazarbayev University is a research-oriented university with a wide portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs ranging from Stem to social sciences and business. All programmes are taught in English.

Foundation year

The Nazarbayev University Foundation Year Program (NUFYP) is a one-year intensive programme that provides an academic, scientific and language proficiency preparation to the undergraduate programmes of Nazarbayev University.

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Undergraduate programmes

Undergraduate programmes are offered in the field of engineering, science and technology, mining and geosciences and humanities and social sciences. They prepare students for successful academic and professional careers.

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Graduate programmes

Graduate programmes are offered in the field of public policy, education, business, humanities and social sciences, science and technology, engineering,  mining and geosciences.

Graduate programmes provide the opportunity to study at zero year of a master's programmes – a two-semester, full-time intensive English and content course for students of NU graduate programmes who lack the English requirement necessary for immediate entry.

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PhD programmes

PhD programmes are offered in engineering and technology, education, public policy and Eurasian studies. The PhD program in Eurasian studies at Nazarbayev University is the first interdisciplinary, English-language doctoral programme in the humanities and social sciences in Central Asia.

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Nazarbayev University’s business school offers new approaches to education in the field of business management, in one of the most dynamic regions in the world. Full-time MBA and executive MBA programmes offer students the opportunity to get high-quality education in the field of business administration and expand their business contacts in Central Asia.

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Nazarbayev University is one of the most international universities in Central Asia with faculty from more than 55 countries. Professors are thought leaders in their disciplines and conduct research on modern issues facing business and industry.

Research, innovation and NU’s approach to commercialisation engages students in the research process at an early stage in their academic career, while providing them with access to modern facilities and state of the art technology.

As a part of their academic study, some master’s and MBA students have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of NU’s international partner universities, such as Duke University. This is an outstanding opportunity to broaden linguistic, cultural, and social horizons – and excel in a new professional or academic environment.


  • 5,445
    Number of FTE Students
  • 52 : 48
  • 2%
  • 13.2
基于 (1) 2023 世界大学排名和排行榜收集的数据


Nazarbayev University 的授予学科

  • Engineering & technology

    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • General Engineering
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
    • Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
  • Physical sciences

    • Chemistry
    • Physics & Astronomy
    • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
    • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Business & economics

    • Economics & Econometrics
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Business & Management
  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health

    • Other Health
    • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Arts & humanities

    • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
    • History, Philosophy & Theology
  • Computer science

    • Computer Science
  • Social sciences

    • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
    • Sociology
  • Education

    • Education
  • Life sciences

    • Biological Sciences