Top European Institutions in Neuroscience and Behaviour

一月 20, 2011

The data above were extracted from the Essential Science Indicators database of Thomson Reuters. This database, currently covering the period January 2000 through August 2010, surveys only journal articles (original research reports and review articles) indexed by Thomson Reuters. Articles are assigned to a category based on the journals in which they were published and the Thomson Reuters journal-to-field classification scheme. Both the articles tabulated and the citation counts to those articles are for the period indicated. Naturally, institutions publishing large numbers of papers have a greater likelihood of collecting more citations than those publishing fewer papers. This ranking is by citations per paper (impact) for European institutions that published 1,000 or more papers in neuroscience and behaviour during the period. For papers with multiple institutional addresses, each university receives full, not fractional, publication and citation credit.

Essential Science Indicators lists institutions ranked in the top 1 per cent for a field over a given period, based on total citations. For the current version, 469 institutions are listed in the field of neuroscience and behaviour, meaning that a total of 46,900 institutions were surveyed to obtain these results. Of the 469 institutions, 113 published 1,000 or more papers. The ranking by citation impact seeks to reveal heavy hitters based on per-paper influence, not mere output or total citations. The average impact in neuroscience and behaviour for the period was 19.04. Also shown is the world rank by impact for each of these European institutions. The UK is well represented, with seven institutions among the European top 20. Germany makes the next-strongest showing, with six institutions including the Max Planck Society and its various institutions and laboratories. The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland and Italy are the other nations with one or more institutions in this ranking.

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Top European Institutions in Neuroscience and Behaviour
Data provided by Thomson Reuters from its Essential Science Indicators database, 1 January 2000-31 August 2010
Euro rankWorld rankInstitutionPapersCitationsCitations per paper
111 University of Cambridge2,237 75,201 33.62
215 University College London5,887 188,818 32.07
318 Max Planck Society3,495 110,630 31.65
422 University of Oxford2,679 80,048 29.88
536 Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital, Paris1,514 40,048 26.69
637 King’s College London2,526 66,005 26.13
745 University of Düsseldorf1,232 30,707 24.92
849 University of Zürich 1,881 45,936 24.42
955 University of Edinburgh1,030 24,158 23.45
1058 Imperial College London1,151 26,330 21.65
1160 University of Bonn1,456 32,863 22.57
1264 University of Göttingen1,216 26,330 21.65
1365 University of Amsterdam1,019 22,038 21.63
1467 University of Bristol1,012 21,573 21.32
1569 University of Würzburg1,100 23,211 21.10
1670 University of Tübingen1,680 35,382 21.06
1771 Karolinska Institute2,884 60,357 20.93
1875 University of Gothenburg1,00120,540 20.52
1976 University of Milan1,495 30,355 20.30
2078 VU University Amsterdam1,080 21,791 20.18



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