Grant winners

二月 16, 2012


Health Services and Delivery Research programme

• Award winner: Russell Mannion

• Institution: University of Birmingham

• Value: £449,878

Effective board governance of safe care

• Award winner: Claire Hulme

• Institution: University of Leeds

• Value: £423,886

Improving the organisation and delivery of dental healthcare to patients - innovation in commissioning and delivery of primary dental care service delivery and organisation

Public Health Research programme

• Award winner: Gail Mountain

• Institution: University of Sheffield

• Value: £838,212

Putting Life in Years (PLINY): evaluation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an intervention to promote mental well-being in community-living older people


Research Project Grants

Basic sciences

• Award winner: Richard E. Palmer

• Institution: University of Birmingham

• Value: £147,148

A new kind of cluster beam source for physics, chemistry, biology and engineering

• Award winner: Eleanor Campbell

• Institution: University of Edinburgh

• Value: £216,167

Probing the exotic electronic structure and dynamics of hollow nanomaterials

• Award winner: Martin Wills

• Institution: University of Warwick

• Value: £173,526

Oxidation reactions assisted by energy from sunlight

• Award winner: Robert Upstill-Goddard

• Institution: Newcastle University

• Value: £111,183

The denitrification paradox: is denitrification a source or sink of nitrous oxide in marine sediments?

• Award winner: David Beerling

• Institution: University of Sheffield

• Value: £248,928

Ecosystem CO2 starvation and Earth's minimum CO2 concentration: an experimental assessment

• Award winner: Clare Baker

• Institution: University of Cambridge

• Value: £165,843

Mechanisms underlying vertebrate electroreceptor development: a "sixth sense"

• Award winner: Tina van de Flierdt

• Institution: Imperial College London

• Value: £172,171

Deciphering glacial/interglacial climate secrets with Southern Ocean deep-sea corals

In Detail

Medical Research Council/GlaxoSmithKline

• Award winners: Sebastian Johnston and Roberto Solari

• Institution: Imperial College London, GlaxoSmithKline and King's College London

• Value: £4 million

MRC-Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma (centre funding renewal)

Asthma affects one in 12 of the population in the UK, with 5.4 million people currently receiving treatment. The UK has the highest prevalence of asthma in young adults in Europe. The programme will investigate the interplay between allergy and viral infection in acute asthma attacks (known as exacerbations), which can be life-threatening and are often resistant to the few available treatments. Three teams of scientists at Imperial College London, King's College London and GlaxoSmithKline will aim to initiate new collaborations to explore the mechanisms of disease and identify potential targets for the development of new treatments.

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