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八月 26, 2010


- Anarchism and the Advent of Paris Dada: Art and Criticism, 1914-1924

By Theresa Papanikolas, curator of European and American art, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754666264

Papanikolas interrogates the Paris Dadaists' complex position in the post-war groundswell of anarchoindividualism. Drawing on surviving documentation, she argues that contrary to received wisdom, Dada was driven by a vision of social change through radical cultural upheaval.


- Critical Practice in Teacher Education: A Study of Professional Learning

Edited by Ruth Heilbronn, lecturer in education, Institute of Education; and John Yandell, lecturer in education (English studies), Institute of Education

IoE publications, £18.99

ISBN 9780854738595

This text seeks to demonstrate how those studying for a master's in teaching and learning should be encouraged to take an active and critical approach to their studies.


- From Pinewood to Hollywood: British Filmmakers in American Cinema, 1910-1969

By Ian Scott, senior lecturer in American studies, University of Manchester

Palgrave, £50.00

ISBN 9780230229235

Scott investigates the emigration, film careers and socio-cultural influence of British filmmakers who moved to Hollywood in the studio era. He deals with some of the unknown and neglected emigres, as well as the major players who played a role in American films' domination of cinema in the 20th century.


- Key Terms in Stylistics

By Nina Norgaard, associate professor of applied linguistics, University of Southern Denmark; Beatrix Busse, associate professor of English historical linguistics, University of Berne; and Rocio Montoro, lecturer in English language, University of Granada

Continuum, £60.00 and £16.99

ISBN 9780826412881 and 9484

Featuring entries on the different stylistic approaches to texts - such as feminist, cognitive, corpus and multimodal stylistics - this volume seeks to provide the reader with a comprehensive overview of the field.


- Debating Restorative Justice

By Chris Cunneen, professor of criminology, James Cook University; and Carolyn Hoyle, reader in criminology, Green Templeton College, University of Oxford

Hart Publishing, £15.00

ISBN 9781849460224

The authors offer contrasting perspectives on the field of restorative justice. On the one hand, Hoyle argues that communities and the state should be more restorative in responding to the harm caused by crime; whereas Cunneen contends that the theoretical cogency of restorative ideas is limited by their lack of a coherent analysis of power.


- The Poetics of Literary Transfer in Early Modern France and England

By Hassan Melehy, department of Romance languages, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754664451

Examining both familiar and underappreciated early modern texts, Melehy foregrounds the relationships that Joachim Du Bellay, Edmund Spenser, Michel de Montaigne and William Shakespeare conceived with both their classical and modern predecessors. He seeks to shed new light on issues including translation, the relationship with classicism and definitions of modernity and the past.

- The Culture of Piracy, 1580-1630: English Literature and Seaborne Crime

By Claire Jowitt, professor of Renaissance English literature, Nottingham Trent University

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9781409400448

This first book-length treatment of the cultural impact of Renaissance piracy examines how flexibly pirates and privateers served to comment on English nationalism, international relations and contemporary politics. Jowitt underlines how despite its transgressive nature, piracy can be seen as a key mechanism that served to connect people and regions.

- Corpus Linguistics in Literary Analysis: Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries

By Bettina Fischer-Starcke, assistant professor, Institute for English Business Communication, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

Continuum, £75.00 and £24.99

ISBN 9781847064370 and 64387

Intended for upper-level undergraduates and postgraduates, this text aims to provide a theoretical introduction to corpus stylistic analyses of literary texts and corpora, and addresses theoretical issues such as the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity in such analyses.


- Bourdieu, Language and the Media

By John Myles, senior lecturer in communication studies, University of East London

Palgrave, £50.00

ISBN 9780230222090

Utilising the case studies of radio, the internet, text messaging and photojournalism, Myles deploys Bourdieu's ideas to reveal how language in the media is implicated in broader social patterns of "symbolic violence".


- Theatre in Health and Care

By Emma Brodzinski, senior lecturer in drama and theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London

Palgrave, £50.00

ISBN 9781403997081

By drawing on a range of case studies, Brodzinski examines theatre practice in a range of health and care settings. Looking at procedures such as medical training and advocacy projects for service users, she provides insights into working practices as well as posing critical questions.


- Changing the System: The Music of Christian Wolff

Edited by Stephen Chase, independent scholar and composer; and Philip Thomas, senior lecturer in the School of Music, Humanities and Media, University of Huddersfield

Ashgate, £55.00

ISBN 9780754666806

This text provides a wide-ranging introduction to an often overlooked composer. Examining music from Wolff's earliest compositions of the 1950s, it also observes his highly indeterminate scores, politically inspired pieces and most recent works in relation to their compositional techniques, aesthetic development and performance.


- Jacques Rancière

By Oliver Davis, assistant professor of French studies, University of Warwick

Wiley, £50.00 and £15.99

ISBN 9780745646541 and 6558

Davis presents the first critical introduction in any language of Ranciere. Covering the French philosopher's major works, he offers an accessible evaluation of his contributions in the fields of politics, pedagogy, history, literature, film theory and aesthetics.

- Kierkegaard on Sin and Salvation: From Philosophical Fragments Through the Two Ages

By W. Glenn Kirkconnell, adjunct professor of philosophy and religious studies, Santa Fe College Continuum, £65.00

ISBN 9781441120830

Examining the two halves of Kierkegaard's authorship, Kirkconnell demonstrates their ethical and religious relationship and the unifying themes of the signed and pseudonymous works. He focuses in particular on Kierkegaard's understanding of the fall of the self and its recovery.


- Sustainable Diplomacies

Edited by Costas M. Constantinou, professor of international relations, University of Nicosia; and James Der Derian, Watson Institute professor of international studies (research), Brown University

Palgrave, £60.00

ISBN 9780230241893

Drawing motivation from the history of diplomatic thought as well as environmental, anthropological, religious and postcolonial studies, the editors look at how best to create conditions for the reconciliation of rival ways of living and the promotion of global security.


- Global Marriage: Cross-Border Marriage Migration in Global Context

By Lucy Williams, lecturer in the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, University of Kent

Palgrave, £55.00

ISBN 9780230218079

Williams presents a global take on an expanding area of study and challenges the stereotypes of marriages of convenience, forced marriage, trafficking and mail-order brides, among others.

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