THE podcast from Davos: How to use the power of place

Highlights from a roundtable discussion with universities in Davos about how location influences community outreach and academic research 

一月 29, 2020

University leaders from around the world convened at an event co-hosted by Times Higher Education and the University of Toronto in Davos during the World Economic Forum to talk about how universities can harness their power of place. The event kicked off the conversation we’ll be having at the World Academic Summit in Toronto in September

In this episode, Tim Sowula, head of content and engagement for the THE Summits series, hosts a special post-event wrap-up with Cheryl Regehr, vice-president and provost at the University of Toronto, Raj Kumar, vice-chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University in India and Michael Spence, vice-chancellor at the University of Sydney.

We also bring you highlights of the roundtable discussion with comments from Phil Baty, chief knowledge officer, THE; Cheryl Regehr, vice-president and provost, University of Toronto; Sarah Springman, rector, ETH Zurich; Bing Yang, provost and vice-president, Tsinghua University; Peter Piot, director, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Raj Kumar, vice-chancellor, O.P. Jindal Global University; Julie Bishop, chancellor, Australian National University; Michael Spence, vice-chancellor, University of Sydney; Alicia Wilson, vice-president for economic development, Johns Hopkins University; Suzanne Fortier, principal and vice-chancellor, McGill University; and Shinnosuke Obi, vice-president for international collaboration, Keio University.

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