一月 30, 1998

University of Strathclyde. Charities

Dr I. Uchegbu, Pounds 49,736 from Wellcome Trust (the development of novel multi-component non-ionic surfactant vesicles (niosomes) for the controlled delivery of potent drugs, antigens and genes); Dr B. Boyd, Pounds 57,287 from The Prince's Trust (study support in Scotland); Professor A. Harvey, Pounds 36,093 from the Wellcome Trust (investigation of snake venom antidotes); Dr C. Kennedy, Pounds 22,579 from Caledonian Research Foundation (release of soluble nucleotides: a novel mechanism for eurotransmitter activation).

Research contracts

Professor J. Bachtler and Ruth Downes, Pounds 30,000 from Joanneum Research (interim evaluation of objective 2 programmes in Austria); Dr S. MacGregor, Pounds 20,000 from National Semiconductor (prediction modelling of bond wire fusing); Drs B. Furman and R. Waigh, Pounds 41,385 from Alizyme Ltd (anti-obesity compounds); Patrick Lysaght, Pounds 25,600 from Dynamic Imaging (reconfigurable PCI system); Professor R. Pethrick, Pounds 79,480 from FKC Technology Ltd (synthetic support for studies of ion binding using crown ethers and low K dielectrics); Dr G. Burt and Professor J. McDonald, Pounds 23,600 from National Grid Company (restoration adviser project phase); Professor J. Dunlop, Pounds 329,256 from the Department for Trade and Industry through Technology Foresight (virtual centre of excellence in mobility and personal communications); Douglas Eadie, Pounds 70,000 from Health Education Board for Scotland (core funding) and Pounds 101,820 from the Health Education Board for Scotland (campaign tracking survey); Professor J. MacBeath, Pounds 25,110 from Ofsted (evaluation of Ofsted training of inspectors); Dr P. Yaneske and Stuart Emslie, Pounds 33,000 from West Lothian NHS Trust (development programme for greencode 1997/98).

Research grants

Professor A. Phelps, Pounds 144,455 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (non-linear interactions between relativistic electron pulses and EM radiation); Professor S. Barnett, Pounds 101,232 from EPSRC (state discrimination and reversible measurements in quantum optics); Dr P. Sayer, Pounds 173,198 from EPSRC (hydrodynamic loads during the development of rovs and subsea crafts); Dr J. Liggat and Professor R. Pethrick, Pounds 199,285 from EPSRC (design of substrate materials for control of cell growth); Dr I. Dunkin, Pounds 88,844 from EPSRC (photochemistry of sulphur chloride for more selective and cleaner chlorination processes); Dr D. Bache, Pounds 190,079 from EPSRC (FLOC characterisation studies at full scale); Dr D. Graham, Pounds 79,616 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (ultra-sensitive detection and informative analysis of DNA sequences by Serrs); Dr M. Sheen and Hugh Livingstone, Pounds 24,470 from the Economic and Social Research Council (evaluation of ETD tool to help higher education institutions strategically manage technology transfer); Professor A. Carrie and Drs U. Bitici and K. Pandya, Pounds 100,213 from EPSRC (manufacturing franchising).

European funds

Professors D. Sherrington and R. Pethrick, Pounds 92,800 from EU-Brite Euram (hybrid ionomeric membranes for application in medium temperature electrochemical devices); Professor D. Vassalos, Pounds 24,000 from EU-TMR Act 4 (targeted advanced summer schools in marine technology).

University of Bradford


Dr W. Ahmad, Pounds 81,000 from Joseph Rowntree Foundation (national survey of ethnic minority families caring for a severely disabled child); Dr T. Kitwood, Pounds 91,193 from Anchor Trust (improvement of dementia care in residential setting); Dr B. Shekunov, Pounds 61,230 from the Wellcome Trust (crystallisation kinetics of proteins).

Research contracts

Professor D. Lerner and Dr Y. Chen, Pounds 120,000 from the Environment Agency, General Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water (groundwater protection and restoration research unit operation and protection of audit systems in UK aquifers); Professors R. Earnshaw and J. Gardiner and Dr Palmer, Pounds 350,000 from Higher Education Funding Council for England and Silicon Graphics Inc. (development of high functionality computer animation environment); Dr L. Zhang, Pounds 20,000 from GEC Alsthom (harmonic control using active power line conditioner); Dr Harnby, Pounds 160,240 from the Teaching Company Directorate; Dr E. Kernohan, Pounds 30,010 from NHS Executive - Northern and Yorkshire Region (feasibility of screening programme for diabetes and other risk factors for coronary heart disease in Bradford's South Asian population); Professor B. Winn, Pounds ,000 from the College of Optometrists (management of amblyopia); Dr B. Shekunov, Pounds 110,371 from GR (solvent and pressure control of organic crystallisation); Dr R. Green, Pounds 36,084 from DTI (optical fibre hybrid analogue digital transmission systems); Dr M. Khan, Pounds 86,600 from DTI and Ceramic Prints Ltd (teaching company scheme); Professor D. Lerner and Dr S. Banwart, Pounds 61,223 from GR (civil and environmental engineering optimisation of ochre accretion at source); Drs R. Phillips and D. Maitland, Pounds 29,586 from Association for International Cancer Research (synthesis and evaluation of novel DT-diapharase); Professor A. Taylor, Pounds 295,000 from DTI Foresight (process modelling using knowledge-based techniques).

Research grants

Professor D. Lerner and Drs S. Banwart and M. French, Pounds 420,000 from the EPSRC and the Environment Agency (groundwater protection and restoration research unit predicting the potential for natural attenuation of organic pollutants in groundwater); Drs P. Bailes and J. Lee, Pounds 165,257 from EPSRC and Industry (a study of droplet motion and coalescence in a liquid-liquid system subjected to an applied electric field); R. Janaway with Dr D. Hopkins (University of Dundee) and M. Bell (University of Wales), Pounds 24,000 from Natural Environment Research Council (interaction of buried archaeological materials with the soil microbial community in the Wareham Experimental Earthwork); Dr S. Banwart, Pounds 138,131 from NERC (oxidative capacity of the geosphere); Dr Y. Guo, Pounds 69,299 from EPSRC (receiver-centred protocols); Z. Jin, Pounds 47,690 from EPSRC (lubrication modelling of hip joint replacements); Dr K. Horoshenkov, Pounds 133,779 from EPSRC (poroelastic materials for noise control); Dr C. Boot, Pounds 152,523 from EPSRC and industry (structural stability of thermoplastic pipe linings for the transport of hydrocarbons); Professor M. Thew, Pounds 124,002 from EPSRC (cyclonic pre-choke separation of oil/water).

European funds

Drs R. Sheriff and Y. Hu, Pounds 174,408 from EC Advanced Communications, Technologies and Services Programme (satellite integration into networks for UMTS services); Dr R. Sheriff, Pounds 54,006 from EC ACTS Programme (broadband aeronautical terminal experiment); Professor R. Earnshaw, Pounds 160,714 from Vista EEC; Professor A. Wronski and Mr S. Mitchell (for consortium), Pounds 221,428 from ERBIC EEC (lifetime management of transit oil/gas pipelines in CCE/NIS countries: development of knowledge-based multimedia software for lifetime management); N. Patel, Professors Weir and J. Sparkes, Pounds 81,496 between three country partners for one year from the EC (managing care needs of minority ethnic people suffering from Alzheimer's disease - CNEOPSA Project); Dr J. Winterton, Pounds 118,000 from Leonardo da Vinci Programme (cross-national comparison in industrial relations).

University of Durham

Professor R. Hall, Pounds 151,000 from the EPSRC (study of business partnerships and their effect on the supply chain).

Middlesex University

Centre for Environment and Business Management, Pounds 50,000 from the Department of the Environment (going for green initiative to encourage students to promote their own good environmental practice).

Aston University

Research contracts

Dr A. Amass, Pounds 59,946 from the Defence Research Agency (molecular weight control in oxetane polymerisations); Dr J. Sullivan, Pounds 70,000 from Hewlett Packard (error rate growth mechanisms in magnetic storage devices); Dr P. Lambert, Pounds 37,500 from Oxoid Ltd (development and evaluation of a novel serodiagnostic test).

Research grants

Professor D. Foster, Pounds 120,256 from the BBSRC (visual perception of surface colour under changes in illuminant and object position); Dr M. Thomson, Pounds 138,504 from the EPSRC (spatiochromatic statistics of natural colour images).



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