十一月 19, 2001


e-Learning Foundation
Ray Moore
, formerly at Birmingham Local Education Authority where he was programme manager for the city's learning project, has been appointed development director for the foundation.

University of Bath
John Taylor
, currently director of planning at the University of Southampton, has been appointed director of studies leading the DBA programme at the University of Bath's school of management from 2 January 2002.

University of Wales, Cardiff

The following have been promoted to reader:
Peter Alldridge , Cardiff Law School, founding member of the Society for Reform of Criminal Law;
Susan Baker
, School of Social Sciences, member of the Scientific Committee of the EU;
Bruce Curry , Cardiff Business School;
J. Richard Dickinson
, School of Biosciences and a member of the Environmental Biochemistry Research Group;
Tony Griffiths
, School of Engineering, member of the Energy and Thermodynamics Research Group;
Barry Jones
, School of European Studies and director of the Welsh Governance Centre;
Adam Jaworski
, School of English Studies, Communication and Philosophy;
Emmanuel Ogbonna
, director of the Diploma in Business Administration at Cardiff Business School;
Andy Pithouse
, director of Social Work Studies at the School of Social Sciences and a member of the National Assembly's working party on the new Care Council for Wales;
Lindsay Prior
, School of Social Sciences, currently seconded to the College of Medicine as director of the Health Risk Programme;
Bangalore Sathyaprakash
, Department of Physics and Astronomy, member of the Euro-American LISA project;
Ian Shaw
, School of Social Sciences, member of the Centre for Research in Health and Human Services;
Frank Trombley
, Department of Religious and Theological Studies;
John Watt
, Department of Religious and Theological Studies;
Peter White
, School of Psychology, chair of the board of studies in psychology.

University of York

Personal chairs have been awarded to:
Peter Biller , history;
Mark Sculpher , centre for health economics.

The following have been appointed head of department:

Roger Marsh
, music;
Malcolm Cresser
, environment;
Jane Grenville
, archaeology;
John Hutton
, economics and related studies;

Tony Ward
(electronics) has been appointed provost for Alcuin College.

New members of staff have joined the department of politics:
Louise Haagh , from St.Anne's College Oxford, international labour studies;
Catriona McKinnnon
, University of Exeter, political philosophy;
Rachel Utley
, University of Leeds, international studies;
Alp Ozerdem
, peace studies;

The King's Manor Library has appointed Karen Goncalves and Geraldine Murgatroyd .


University College Northampton

The rector presented the following with fellowships in learning and teaching:
Brian Caldwell
, American Studies;
Jill Pickard
(neuroscience and physiology) in the Department of Biology;
Caroline Ramsey
(organisation change) Sunley Management Centre;
Geraldine Enjelvine
(French) School of Business Studies.

University of Aberdeen

Recent awards:
George Gray , professor of organic chemistry at Merck Ltd.: DSc;
Robbie Shepherd
, broadcaster, journalist and commentator: Muniv.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Michael Baker
, professor, the dean of CIM's Senate, has been honoured as the institute's first senator emeritus.


University of Aston

Professors Tom Elliott and Bill Littler (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) and Drs Peter Lambert and Sue Lang (Aston) have been awarded £140,000 from the British Heart Foundation to develop a new test to detect and diagnose heart patients who may be at risk from endocarditis.

University of Ulster
Professors Stephen Downes , Sean Strain and Helene McNulty (Coleraine), £389,194 from the Wellcome Trust (novel DNA biomarkers for folate deficiency in surrogate tissues and colonic mucosa);
Professor David Hirst and Dr Stephanie McKeown (Jordanstown), £194,000 from HPSS R&D Office (investigation of an anti-tumour treatment for cancer);
Professor Stephen Downes and Dr Hugh McGlynn (Coleraine), £191,000 from HPSS R&D Office (late cell cycle checkpoints in cancer);
Dr Tracy Robson (Jordanstown), £191,000 from HPSS R&D Office (characterisation of stress response genes with a potential role in cancer therapy);
Dr Colum Walsh (Coleraine), £191,000 from HPSS R&D Office (epigenetic gene silencing in cancer); Professors Helen McNulty and Sean Strain (Coleraine), £111,000 from HPSS R&D Office (B vitamin metabolism and cancer prevention);
Professor Ian Rowland (Coleraine), £128,000 from HPSS R&D Office (evaluating faecal water as a biomarker for colon cancer);
Dr Tracy Robson and Professor David Hirst (Jordanstown), £48,000 from HPSS R&D Office (studentship to conduct research into characterisation of a novel stress response gene and its role in cancer therapies);
Professors Stephen Downes and Chris Shaw (Coleraine), £82,177 from the Wellcome Trust (intrakines - hypothetical intracelllular messengers generated by cell cycle dependent proteolysis);
Professors Peter Flatt , Christ Shaw and Dr Neville McClenaghan (Coleraine), £185,000 from HPSS R&D Office (diabetes proteomics, pancreatic beta cell targets and drug discovery);
Dr Finbarr O'Harte (Coleraine) £125, from HPSS R&D Office (diabetes therapy research);
Dr Ian Blair and Professor David McDowell (Jordanstown), £81,403 from Food Safety Promotion Board (a risk assessment and HACCP for the Irish catering industry);
Professors Sean Strain and Helen McNulty and Drs Jacqueline O'Connor , Julie Wallace , Paula Robson and Mary Ward (Coleraine) £73,423 from the Food Standards Agency (effects of copper depletion and repletion on plasma homocysteine concentration, folate and choline status);
Professors Sean Strain and Barbara Livingstone and Dr Paula Robson (Coleraine) £76,843 from Food Safety Promotion Board (dietary strategies for achievement of nutritional goals for healthy eating).  

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